To know ourselves is to know how we function with others. Self-awareness is vital to our ability to work effectively within a group. Through self-awareness we come to learn our strengths and weaknesses while finding personal truths about ourselves. These truths translate into recognizing our talents and understanding how to apply them to a group in order to better others and better ourselves. In many cases, there are landmark moments in our lives which challenge our souls, shedding light on our purpose and abilities, often these experiences are not just for us, but they are meant to be shared with others, because alone we can do good, but together we can do great.


Welcome to the WebQuest, "Self-Awareness to Collaboration." Here you will be challenged with the task of awakening your truest self in an effort to engage in a collaborative piece with your group members. The idea of this collaborative artwork is to start with the self. Through a guided visualization, you will identify a quality about yourself that might have been learned through a particular experience or happening - where you were pushed to an awakening and came away recognizing a definining trait that is important to who you are in everyday life. From here, you will consider why this is an important part of your identity and identify a way to translate this trait through a particular art form (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic, music, dance, poetry, etc.) With this in mind, you will find yourself working with a group of people who have been given the same starting task as yourself. In your group you will share about yourself, the experience that resulted in your awakening, and the medium you plan on using. The group will then reconsider ways to best articulate each individuals idea through a collaborative piece that combines any medium of art each individual chooses to work in. 

"To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person." - Bruce Lee